Thursday, December 19, 2013

Over in the Meadow: Choosing Homeschool

Over in the meadow
where the stream runs blue,
lived an old mother fish
and her little fishes two. 
Swim! said the mother,
we swim! said the two,
so they swam and they leaped
where the stream runs blue.

In recent days, I have felt very much like an inexperienced swimmer about to dive into unknown waters... 

I can now refer to myself as a former special education teacher, current stay at home mother, and soon to be homeschooler.  This is my chosen path, but I cannot claim to be entirely confident that I know which way I'm going.  I suppose this is usually true with any new endeavor, although potentially sensitive ones tend to be more anxiety producing for me personally.  So far, I have been overwhelmingly supported in sharing my decision to homeschool, even with those who I feared would be quietly if not overtly concerned. 

Everything I've read has essentially boiled down to the same idea: homeschooling is at once the most challenging and rewarding choice a parent can make.  Of what little information I retain from high school economics, I do recall a cost-benefit analysis in relation to a particular investment.  When it comes to investing in my children, I see any cost being worth the potential benefit.  In other words, I'm prepared to take the not-so-great days along with the amazing ones.

When doubt does creep in, I've found myself repeating the rhyme above oft used in my years of teaching preschoolers.  It first re-entered my mind when choosing a homeschool curriculum and deciding on Oak Meadow.  Picturing a mother and her two little ones embarking on adventures together has been a reinforcing image and idea.  Ultimately, this journey is steered by mine and my partner-parent's desires and dreams for our children's life experiences including their education.  Though it is different than the mainstream- so to speak- it is what feels true and right to us at this moment in time.

Even when our vision becomes clouded, as I know it inevitably will, I hope to recall this pristine place where the stream runs blue signifying our good intentions as we embark on this new adventure.

Through these musings, I hope to provide information and inspiration by sharing successes and challenges of our learning at home experience.

I plan to provide at least weekly below by blows on what and how we're doing with our curriculum, along with additional commentary on larger themes of home learning as they present themselves. 

I would love for you to join us here along the way.  Trust me, the water's just fine.