Monday, April 28, 2014

Week in Review: Oak Meadow Kindergarten ~ Week 16/17

It was back to business as usual this week, meaning we did approximately two days of school here and there.  But still managed to fit in two week's worth of content so I'd say we broke even.

Thankfully the first "week" was a review of letters A-L.  Sister wrote them all in pencil first and only needed to erase and re-write a slightly confused J.

We read the story "The Golden Spider" to introduce number 8 and sister asked to find the combinations of 8 on our dominoes before directing another how-to video which I assume we will be doing from here to 10.

Our science lessons for both weeks included stories about growing plants which is fitting since we are seeing many things sprout in our garden and around the neighborhood.

We also celebrated Earth Day this week which sister and I commemorated with a wet and windy  walk.

It was her idea and I'm glad I accepted her invitation since that one-on-one time is hard to come by these days.  We also put together our (Melissa & Doug) world puzzle and sister drew her version of the world which is really far better than anything I likely could have produced at age 5.

Another thing sister picked up this week was what she calls weaving or needling.  Her dad bought her some yarn a couple weeks back and she's been using Popsicle sticks to keep her hands busy while on the move

or in moments of stillness.

I wish I had hand-working skills in order to nurture her interest and am trying to talk myself into diving in for her sake.  Any points in the direction of knitting or crocheting would be welcomed.

We rounded out the week with a review of numbers up to 8 which sister has learned how to make starting with an X

as well as letter M via one Miss Moppet (photos by sister)

We are getting closer to a decision about school next year, and though it may look differently than anything I imagined over the course of this year, I am feeling more at peace with it than I imagined I would be.  I hope to share more here soon.

Here's hoping all these April showers are good for something!  

May is on its way.

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