Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week in Review: Oak Meadow Kindergarten ~ Week 3

Though today was a holiday, I still had our homeschool day planned out.  However, we decided to stay an extra day out of town and I had started to feel under the weather before we headed home.  So even though sister was ready to head up stairs and hit the books, mama convinced her that reading our story of the week together on the couch was as much as I could muster.  

We started working with our letter of the week today, forming it with our bodies,

and drawing it in the shape of a cat, who was featured in our (Beatrix Potter) story this week.

We spotted C's first thing this morning, on sister's pajamas! 

In addition to our daily verses, songs, and calendar, we started adding in some 'Brain Gym' to our circle time (seen above).  I attended a course on its theory and basic exercises last weekend, and sister hooked into it right away.  We use 4 movements for centering and focus every day and add in additional movements in other areas where we might need additional support (ie organization, calming).  

Today was baking day- this time, we used dough to create C shaped crescent rolls.  This time, we were much happier with the finished product, and the process was a hit as usual.

We enjoyed adding some drumming into our music time- when prompted, sister quickly came up with an idea of what and how to use something from around the house.

Brother, on the other hand, was a tough sell.

Things/I felt a but rushed today, given we were leaving that evening to stay with my parents before spending the rest of weekend on the mountain.  We had circle time and reviewed our math concept of 1 from last week, but from there, it was a frenzy of packing and preparing for a few days away.  I decided to put off a craft and science project for next week, when to my relief, we will be going over letters A B and C, so the projects will still tie in.  

I admittedly felt like I lost my groove this week with days "off" at the beginning and end of the week.  But I think therein was an important reminder that each and every moment- no matter when or where- presents its own unique opportunities for learning.  Case in point:


Science, math, & poetry in motion.  

Who could ask for anything more?  

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