Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week in Review: Oak Meadow Kindergarten ~ Week 4


For circle this week, we are singing "Here we go round the Mulberry Bush" which sister loved making up her own verses for (this is the way we clean our room...good one!) and brother happily joined along for the movements. 

Language arts this week is a review of letters A, B, and C.  The timing was good since we needed to ease back into our routine after having only 3 days at home the previous week. 

I prompted sister to draw A B and C in her lesson book.  As we'd seen modeled in the curriculum with the other letters, she opted to dosome coloring within the letters and excitedly showed me that little brother had seemingly drawn an A, too (in green).

When I asked her to tell me about the letters, she gave me examples of objects that start with A B and C.  For a little more word play fun, I let sister get into the 'Bananagrams'.  This is a much loved game in our house that involves setting up your own crossword puzzle of sorts.  This is a bit advanced for sister but she enjoys identifying the letters, spelling words she knows, and today, spelling out the lunch menu:

After lunch, she found a set of matching letters so she and I could a game of Memory with them, and she whooped me, twice.  In the evening, Daddy started another game by giving her a set of around 4 tiles and seeing if she could form a word out of them.  For instance, T B A and O to spell...boat!  Then they switched out b for other letters to spell coat, moat, etc. 

FYI: My hubby is a school-based Speech Language Pathologist- I need to utilize his skills more often!


After circle, we went downstairs and sister decided she wanted to start with our art project of making pinwheels.  She and brother each decorated their squares

and sister did the cutting for her and her brother, then I helped attach them to pencils (a 12-18 inch dowel was recommended but I am trying to use things we already have around the house when possible, the reason I bypassed a different art project this week).  They both worked hard getting their pinwheels to spin which was no easy feat but fun trying.

We got out modeling clay and sister made the letters of the week,

adding some additional letters along with a seahorse and ice cream, for good measure.


I will be teaching a parenting class for the next 8 weeks on Wednesday mornings, so this changed our usual routine of doing music on Wednesday mornings.  We also didn't get to circle before we left the house, so it got postponed until after rest time.  None of us were feeling too well, so the kids joined me upstairs and we did our circle time activities in bed, to all of our enjoyment. 

After dinner, I suggested we do the art project we'd missed last week- cutting out C shapes to make hanging crescent moons.  I thought we'd hang them in the window as suggested,

but sister decided that she'd devote her energy to making necklaces for all of us.

Yep, that's dental floss, alright.


This is normally our library day, but since sister and I still weren't feeling well, we decided to hunker down for the morning.  We had our music time since we had to skip it on Wednesday, but I think we will switch to Tuesday starting next week since it's usually long winded and not to be missed.  We tried singing (Sarasponda) in round today, which will likely be a skill we take some time in mastering. 

We got into number 2 for math this week.  I held up a stick and talked about 1 and how we could see that in the stick and it's various parts.  When I asked her how she thought I could make 2 out of the stick, she suggested getting another one.  I snapped it in half to show her the now two parts before she snapped another piece off and created her own version of 2.

I love it when I try and surprise her and she surprises me right back!  

For science, we observed our planted seeds which still haven't seen much any action.  Sister chose to draw our terrarium along with the kitchen table's decor for a little added flare.


I ended up making a solo trip to the library (stay at home mom's rejoice!) after Daddy got home.  I picked up the Jan Brett book "Comet's Nine Lives" since our library didn't have a copy of Wanda Gag's "Millions of Cats" which was suggested by our curriculum during C week.  Sister loved the story of how Comet blew through 8 lives before finding his happily ever after. 

I also got Nic Bishop's book "Spiders" for the next day's science lesson and sister and Daddy read it before bed.  Mommy was too afraid she'd have nightmares. 


We read a story from our curriculum about a princess who is only awake during the night hours until she meets her prince and is able to experience the daylight.  Some of this was interpreted by sister when drawing 2 in her lesson book.  Seen below, a boy/girl, sun/moon, and worms (not sure where they came from).

For science, we reviewed what sister learned when reading the spider book with Daddy, and I did get brave and read it with her later in the day.  Her favorite fact was that spiders carry their babies on their back.  After reading that some spiders can live for up to 30  years, she asked me how to write "THIS SPIDER LIVED FOR 3+2+3 YEARS" next to her drawing.

8...30...close enough!

By week's end, our family rhythm felt much more settled and we were all eager to enjoy the days ahead with nothing on our agenda. 

Besides togetherness.

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