Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week in Review: Oak Meadow Kindergarten ~ Week 6

Ah.  A new week, wide open with opportunity.  It's nice to go into the week feeling this way, even if the feeling is fleeting...

All is off to a good start.  We read "The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies" and incorporate letter E into bunny ears.  

For more ear making fun, sister makes headbands with construction paper and staples which brother happily models.

He's an elephant, in case you couldn't tell.

Sister chooses to make a unicorn for herself.

Who needs ears when you've got a fabulous horn?  

Daddy picks up some beans at the grocery store so we are able to set up a science project from a couple weeks back.  The glass is filled with wet cotton balls surrounded by paper towel.  We'll see if these guys take off any more than our other planting attempts.

See prior post, "My Day in the Life homeschool with a 5- and 1- year old"

We don't have much time before we have to take off for parenting class and sister is having a hard time getting through her morning chores.  I attribute it to putting in two consecutive nights at rehearsal as we've usually gotten a day off in between. 

We leave the house without getting even circle time under our belt.  When we get home it's time for lunch.  Though a nap sounds nice, sister was invited to attend dance class with a friend so she will be picked up in an hour or so.  In the mean time, I put brother down for his nap and help sister make a list of her preschool classmates.  She writes their and her name on some leftover Valentine's from last year which thankfully have not yet lost their luster.  

After dance, rehearsal, and dinner, sister realizes we haven't done circle so we trek upstairs and do our thing.

Since we're already in pj's, it seems best to hold off on the cutting and gluing of spaghetti noodles that I'd also planned on.  

We do check on our beans and I don't know that anyone is excited as I am to see them already sprouting away!

It's official: I've got the crud that Daddy did earlier this week.  I find myself pretty much immobile once I sit down on the couch.  Mayhem- I mean play based learning- soon ensues.

I send a desperate text asking if Daddy could possibly relieve me mid-day.  I'm relieved when he says sure, as this will allieve me of my afternoon chauffeur duties which I honestly feel incapable of performing at this point.  

Daddy gets sister to school and tackles the grocery list I complied in preparation for our weekend visitors.  He also picks up an easy dinner to bring home after picking up sister from rehearsal.  

Once again, we have reached the end of the day without any circle time.  Sister asks is she can have circle instead of a book with me, and crud or not, I can't turn her down.

We end up reading a story connected to our math lesson on number three about two families joining and creating a third, depicted by sister below.

I comment on how sister used the same two colors for each of the three family members and saw this as a symbol of her ingesting and representing the story's theme.  Inner happy dance!
We start off our Valentine's day off by surprising the kids with some small gifts and homemade cards.  We send Daddy off to work with some pink pancakes and an attempt at a heart shaped one that is slightly overflowing with the good stuff. 

We also make chocolate chip cookies (with red sprinkles, of course!) which we share with family and friends that come to visit later in the day.

Besides circle, we didn't tackle any school today.  But our little foursome spent a special day and evening together and felt quite accomplished in terms of loving one another.    

Somewhere amidst the chaos of this week, I decided that what we needed next week was a break from our curriculum or any scheduled learning time.  I thought sister might be disappointed when I informed her of this plan but she very casually agreed that it was a good choice, validating my feelings that it was the right one.

We haven't been getting to all of our weekly projects and I feel that I have- at times- unintentionally overlooked all the learning opportunities we are given just by living life each day.  We will have an extra day with Daddy home this week, have friends visiting from out of the country (!), and will be busy with daily rehearsals before sister's first set of performances this weekend.  

I am truly excited to see what we have done and learned by week's end and look forward to returning here to reflect on our experience.

Hope your week to come is full of goodness. 

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