Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Changing Seasons

In general, I am not a huge fan of change.  

But I do love the changing of seasons, transitioning from one stage to another each year.  Be it the first rainfall or the first outdoor picnic.  However it looks, it feels like a fresh start.  

I think I stared homeschooling during a difficult season.  Countless blog posts popped up recently about how these winter months following the new year can be especially challenging when it comes to parent and/or child motivation in terms of homeschooling.

Not only was I beginning a new chapter with homeschooling, but staying home was also novel to me, having always held a full time work or school schedule minus my two maternity leaves.  

I was talking with a dear, longtime friend about the shifts she has experienced since becoming a mother.  She possesses a driven personality and had previously directed her passion towards professional and personal pursuits.  She shared that it had been difficult for her to accept and embrace her new role as "simply" mother and homemaker.  I hadn't realized that I was having some of the same challenges until she verbalized them for me.  Since that conversation, I have been consciously working to adjust my mindset in order to give myself the credit that is due for taking on the job and great privilege of being home and being a parent day in and day out.

A change will occur this season as I no longer have any routine committments away from home.  I  feel that this will give me more time and space to pursue the things I want to achieve- both in a tangible and idealogical way.  I have already recognized there are things I need to adapt in both realms in order for this homeschool way of life to work for me and my family.  

And I am grateful knowing I have all the days of spring to prepare for the next season to come.  

Because as the season changes, so must I.  

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