Friday, March 14, 2014

Week in Review: Oak Meadow Kindergarten ~ Week 9

This week was comprised of a variety of homeschooling days- one day each of "typical" school, Daddy school, and night school.

I found myself experiencing some Mommy fatigue and asscoiated malaise early in the week and was thankful my husband was able to take a day home from work to spend with the kids while I rested.  

Daddy used one of his fancy speech therapy strategies to make a picture dictionary

to aid sister in writing about a self-selected topic.

I used my tired but dedicated homeschooling mama skills to read sister the tale of the Golden Goose which she drew a picture of 

along with another G word that she came up with: grandma.

Not wanting to run out of steam with a few days to go, I decided to try out a practice I had read about on the Simple Homeschool  site: "Yes" days.  My understanding is that on these days, one is more open to what one's children want to do and one says yes when one might normally say no.  This may seem counterintuitive when the goal is not to wear oneself out, but I have increasingly expeienced a greater ease and contentment when following my young and curious children's lead- so decided to give saying yes a try.  

In our case, saying yes meant taking a spontaneous walk after getting home one day and stopping to throw various items (rocks, pinecones) into an overflow puddle to see what would sink and what would float.

It meant sticking modeling clay to the windows in brother's room

then putting plastic toys on the clay to see if they would stick.

I didn't technically say yes to this (because I wasn't asked) but I watched it happen without saying no and admired the finished product without complaint- so I deserve at least partial credit.

It meant beginning and returning to dance classes though I could have done with at least a one week break from organized activities after just ending our months-long stint with play rehearsals and performances.  

But these faces make saying yes worth it, any day.

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