Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week in Review: Oak Meadow Kindergarten ~ Week 10

When I brought up school at the beginning of the week, sister resisted.  So I eased off.

By Wednesday afternoon, I talked her into reading our story of the week in bed with me after she'd finished her rest time and we were waiting for brother to wake up. 

She happily drew a doll's house which correlates to "The Two Bad Mice" tale by Beatrix Potter (one we were familiar with with from sister's play) and incorporated our letter of the week- do you see it?

The next morning, I decided not to mention school as my last few attempts hadn't produced a positive response.  While doing some housework, we ended up singing a song from our music book and sister exclaimed "hey, let's do school! It's music day, right?".

"Yep!", I said.

It wasn't.

But I took that window of opportunity and opened it wide.  We caught up on our calendar- a whole week's worth, which made for some good counting as we had enough for not one but two new bundles of 5!  5 also happens to be our new number this week so we read a story about a "star child", made star shapes with our bodies, and practiced the ever frustrating but equally desirable skill of drawing stars.

Then, we reveled in our un-music day, full of song, dance, and merriment.

I was feeling extra merry, having just said no to a new, life-changing prospect.  Yes, I said "I said no"!  Though it was an enticing opportunity for me professionally, it was one that would take me away from my homeschooling path- if not immediately, before I am ready. 

Sister is not age eligible for public school Kindergarten until this fall, so we started this homeschool journey a bit early to see if it felt right to us moving forward.  It does, and it doesn't, and every day is different. There are times I am totally convicted and there are times I completely talk myself out of it, and I think that just goes with the territory.  But I am not willing to give up just yet.

Next week, we plan to take a break while Daddy is home from school along with his students.  And I have plans to meet with the coordinator of a local homeschool group at the beginning of the week to consider additional options for sister and I come fall.

Yes, I'm saying no.

But I'm not calling it quits.  

Not with all the possibilities in our sights.

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